Living life with a 24 year old. My son, Reid and his girl friend live in the basement of our house.  He is in his fifth year of school. . .at a two year college. He didn't' quite get the memo.  She is also in her fifth year. Megan is  24. They both have jobs, he is coming up through the ranks at  US bank and she, while developing her own canine company is a dog walker, a dog sitter and a dog trainer.  They are fun to have around and keep  my husband an I up on what is happening I with the younger set. However they are 24 year olds.  So even though they are capable of cleaning up after themselves, they cook great food which they share but then leave the dishes - to do later on with the dinner dishes. My son asks for chores to do around the house to add to his income. I say how about washing my car. Ok he replies. I come back to the computer. Mom, will you please bring me some towels.  Ok. I say. Mom he shouts from outdoors, will you please bring me the Amorall.  I say whose washing this car? Thanks mom. 24 year olds. They're great. But they still take almost as much time, energy And money as the younger versions.