Family Affair

Kathy Garver is best known for portraying teenage sister Cissy Davis on Family Affair, the iconic CBS sitcom that ran for five seasons from 1966 through 1971.  The show holds a special place in the hearts of millions.  It is the tender story of a three children (6-year-old twins and their 15-year-old sister) from a small Midwestern Indiana town who are orphaned when their parents are killed in an accident.  After a year separated among relatives, they are thrown together in the New York penthouse apartment of their jet-setting bachelor Uncle Bill Davis and his very proper English valet, Mr. Giles French, turning their quiet life upside down overnight.  Over the course of five seasons, the sitcom broke the mold of those that came before and after it because it never forgot the original premise of the program – this family was created from the ashes of tragedy.  While light-hearted humor ran a common thread throughout the run of the series, Uncle Bill and Mr. French – and the viewer – were occasionally reminded of the shattered lives from whence the children came.  The result was a bold tale of perseverance, family love and the importance of trust in building a strong family unit.

Images from the television show: